Types of Window Film for Buildings

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Your business place is your strongest marketing tool as it portrays an image about your company. Providing a place that is conducive for conducting serious business will create a big impact to the overall success of your company.

Windows, as they say, are the soul of a building and the modern architecture often utilizes more glass when constructing buildings. Glass windows make a building more aesthetically pleasing, and they create an image of sophistication. While glass windows provide many aesthetic benefits, they also have several disadvantages. Glass windows offer less protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Solar heat, sun glare, and UV rays are just some of the things you need to take care of by having glass windows. They can cause office rooms to overheat, furniture to fade, give glare to computer and TV screens, and also cause bad effects to the skin.

The good news is there is a way to protect your employees and the interiors of your building from any sun damage and inconvenience. Window films have been a leading solution in solving solar related damages in offices. Window films act as filter, blocking the sunlight from entering your building which provides a safer and more convenient working environment.

If you are planning to install window films for your commercial building, there are several things you need further knowledge of – the different types of window film that you can choose from. With several selections available today, it is best to know the following considerations you need before choosing a window film. If you ever have any questions, reach out to the pros over at Window Tint Mesa.

Sun Control Window Films

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause serious harm to the skin’s health. Prolonged exposure to sunlight could lead to dehydration, development of the wrinkles, and damaged skin which in worst cases could lead to skin cancer. Having said, it necessary to provide protection to your employees from the harsh effects of UV rays.

Furthermore, UV rays would easily penetrate the windows of your office that would lead to an increase in temperature. This will not only cause inconvenience to employees but it will also increase the energy consumption within the office. Light glare would also be a problem when the UV rays are not addressed properly since it will make working on the computers very difficult. Too much heat would also cause the furniture to fade.

So, if your main concern is to reduce energy consumption, protect your furniture from fading, and protect people from the harmful effects of UV rays go for the sun control window film. It will take care of the problems mentioned above.

Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films can be installed both on the interior and exterior of your business place and are the best addition if you want to give your office a tasteful and creative look. Decorative films come in several gradient and styles, and the best thing about today’s technology is that you can customize your design to include any pattern you want. You can even utilize your business logo to promote your branding better throughout the building.

This type of film does not only serve as decorative solutions, they also provide privacy in each office especially those spaces that have several partitions and rooms made of glass. If your aim is mainly to increase curb appeal in your office, then go for this option.

Safety/Security Window Films

Glass windows are prone to breakage and damage. That being said, it is necessary to protect your glass windows from natural disasters, and potential accidents within the building. This type of window film is especially designed to make glass shatterproof resistant and making it withstand from strong forces such as a hurricane, forced entry, and explosion. If you are after the safety and security of your employees, then this type of window film is perfect for you.

Graffiti-Proof Window Films

Vandalism takes away the beauty of a building, and so, protecting commercial buildings has been a top priority for business owners. Graffiti is already widespread and some people are just uncontrollable. Graffiti-proof window films are the best solution for this problem. This type of film is thick and has advanced scratch-resistant layer that protects your glass from graffiti. With this window film, you will never be stressed about replacing your windows and doors because of graffiti.

Window films are indeed good solutions to improve the overall condition of a commercial building. It makes a company look great and credible, and it provides a healthy and safe working environment for the employees. But, every company has specific needs. So, before choosing the right type of window film, evaluate first what your business office really needs.

How to Choose the Right Window Tint Film for your Business

Windows are not just another decoration feature on a commercial building since they protect you from the elements and help in letting in light. Today, businesses are increasingly modifying their commercial buildings by applying window tint films so they can save money, improve comfort at the workplace, enhance privacy and security, and ensure longevity of their belongings.

Window films come in different shades, performance levels and prices. If you’re looking to install a commercial window tint for whatever reason, you want to know how to choose one that best fits your needs and preferences. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a window tint film for your business.

How Much Protection from UV Rays do you want?

One of the reasons you might want to tint your windows is to reduce exposure to UV rays. Applying a protective film on your windows is a great way to redistribute light in the building while protecting floors, artwork, furniture, and other valuables from the destructive emissions. While you might want to enjoy transparent views on your commercial building, protecting the highly valuable items in your business needs to be a priority. Determine how much protection you need to provide so you can know the right film to choose.  

How Much Money are you looking to save?

Before you choose a window tint for your commercial building, consider asking for quotes from several window tint companies. With the quotes at hand, compare and calculate the amount of money you’re likely to save on energy costs after applying a window film. Window films can help redistribute heat and block cold temperatures outside thereby keeping a room warm. In the long run, this can lower your energy costs. The film you apply on your windows will determine your monthly energy cost savings.

Do you Want Increased Privacy and Reduced Glare?

If you’re looking to have increased privacy in your commercial building or room, you might consider installing window films with a lower tint percentage as they are usually darker and tend to let in less light. Ground-level offices can benefit from tinted windows to increase privacy and reduce glare on mirrors and computer screens.

Looking for Better Visibility?

If you want your customers to easily view the merchandise on the window display section, installing a window tint with a low exterior visible reflection would be the best option. You can then see through your windows and enjoy the night view from your commercial building without necessarily having to turn off the lights.

Looking to Improve Security and Safety?

Window tint films come in different shades, performance levels, and thickness. If you’re looking to improve the security of your business against smash-and-grab robberies or protect the windows from breakage, installing a window tint film could be the right solution. However, you’ll have to choose the right color shade and thickness for this purpose.

It’s important that you consult a professional for guidance through your decision so you can find the window tint film that works best for your lifestyle and needs. After choosing the right film for your business, let a professional window tint service handle the installation work.